BalenaDash Tohora Localhost URL connection refused

I am running a rpi3 b 32bit with BalenaDash. I want to display my Flask server page I run on a service on port 5000. Now when using http://localhost:5000 or I get an error called connection refused. If I use http://mylanip:5000 it shows me the page. How can I fix this? Thanks

Hey there! Can you show us what your docker-compose.yml looks like?

Thanks for the response. From what device or container are you referring to localhost or If you are from inside another container, you can internally reference the flask server as http://counter, or externally with your local IP, as the device is exposing port 5000 as instructed in the docker compose manifest.

Something like or localhost would only work from inside the counter container.


I want tohora from WPE to show counter. Counter is running a flask server on port 5000.

I tried http://counter and I get refused connection.

I tried http://counter:5000 and it works!