Balena Sound – Pimoroni Pirate Audio screen

Hey all,

I’m using balena-audio on a Pi2, and after turning off multiroom, it works well. Airplay definitely smoother than Spotify, but planning on upgrading to a Pi3 soon.

Anyway, wanting a line-out to connect to my hifi setup, and after Pimoroni have discontinued the PHAT DAC in favour of the Pirate Audio range, I wondered if it’s possible to get the album artwork on the little screen, and have the buttons be functional on the HAT.

I’ve obvious got the Pi and HAT working playing music, following the instructions here

Pirate Audio line-out —

Any help in getting the screen to show artwork much appreciated.

happy hacking!

Hello there, this is on the radar but not implemented yet. There’s an issue you can follow here: It would be amazing if you could contribute your findings as you go either on that issue or as a pull request.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I’d not managed to find it. I’ll see if I can help contribute.