Player interface screenshots

I came across BalenaSound courtesy of Etcher. I’ve been using RuneAudio and Volumio on RaspberryPi with HifiBerry DAC or AMP+. I’m curious about BalenaSound, but can’t seem to find any screenshots of the interface.

Hi there, balenaSound doesn’t have an interface like that, its mostly headless. You can configure it via the balena Cloud dashboard, which there is a screenshot of here: Customization - Home

Take a look at the rest of the docs at for even more info about the various features!

Thanks. I hadn’t realized that, but now it makes sense.

Pardon reviving an old thread. I’ve recently discovered balenaSound and had a good experience setting it up with multiple nodes giving synchronized Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth playback. I’m impressed.

Regarding a UI/UX. I get the headless-ness of it. However, I can’t help but still want to have a display showing what is playing, too.

I liken it to my Roon Server streaming thru a RoonBridge on a Ropiee based appliance device, that shows the album art of the song playing (if you’re aware of that Roon ecosystem) with very limited playback management. Or similarly Roon’s “Roon Display” capability that provides a totally passive / non-interactive “Now Playing” webpage URL (i.e. has no playback management ability). The latter seems like it would be a perfect analog to the balenaSound’s AirPlay streaming.

Having read about balenaDash and the article about running multiple projects on one device / end-point, wouldn’t a “Now Playing” style interface be possible? Where the RPi would output the album art of the song playing on an official 7" display, served up via logic running on balenaDash which reflects the album art of the music being streamed thru balenaSound. Similarly too to when I send AirPlay to my Marantz receiver, which will give a “Now Playing” display via the HDMI out.

As a software developer and the development friendly nature of the balena ecosystem , this idea has piqued my interest. :wink: Wonder if I can cobble something together. Found this, describing the metadata of what is being played: Unofficial AirPlay Protocol Specification

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