Balena sound low output

Hi Sergio,

the easiest thing for us would be for you to enable support access and provide the dashboard URL. We can then try to investigate where exactly this is failing

I have a little additon to my previous comment. I have expanded the fleet to 4 devices, master is always the same Pi (a Pi3+), the other 3 are Pi2B’s. It almost works flawlessly, except that when I overrule the fleet variable for system volume on 1 pi, it stops giving audio all together.

  • Raspberry PI 3 (1x), 2B (3x)
  • Release e852f72
  • No DAC (JACK output)
  • SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME = 100 (Fleet variable)
  • CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME = 100 (Fleet Variable)

@br3wal, I believe release 58e0d5d is the version before multiroom was introduced. Did you push the code again from balena-cli? ( )

Edit: The settings and volume stay at 100% even across reboots.

e852f72 already had multiroom if I’m not mistaken. I pulled from Github and pushed again anyway with the same result.

Hi there, we just merged a couple of fixes to balenaSound that solve some volume handling issues. If you are still experiencing this type of problems I suggest you update your sound devices to the latest version (v2.1.4). For more details and context on the fixes feel free to read this thread:


Yup, last commit did it for me. Thanks for the fix guys!

Awesome, glad to hear!