Balena Sound - Disable start-up and shut-down sound notification

Hello everyone, is it possible to deactivate the start-up and shut-down sound when connecting via bluetooth? My windows computer always sets the bluetooth audio output to 100%. is there a variable i can set?

Hi there!

You can indeed disable such sounds. Have a look at , specifically to the CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME env variable, which overrides the connection/disconnection notification volume :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your replay. Unfortunately it’s not working. I’ve set CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME to 0 (also tested 10 and 25). I’ve rebooted and restarted the device from the Interface. The notification sound is still on full level

Did you set this in the dashboard? If you open a terminal into the service and run env | sort then you should see the variable, if not then you’ve done something wrong. If it is there then there may be a bug in the project. Could you share the output of the above command to confirm this?

This is the output of env | sort:

Those are the variables:

The dashboard looks correct, but you need to check the variable inside the service rather than in the host. Choose the service instead of the host and confirm it there :+1: