balena-sense services not appearing


I’m new to working with hardware really. I’ve been following the BME680 tutorial and am using a pi zero. I’ve added the device and it is showing up under devices, but the services (grafana, influxdb, sensor) never start to show up, also my logs seem very sparse (see below).

13.11.20 15:38:03 (-0700) Supervisor starting
13.11.20 15:38:16 (-0700) Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
13.11.20 15:38:17 (-0700) Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
13.11.20 15:38:19 (-0700) Creating network ‘default’

Any help is highly appreciated.

My initial thought since you say you’re new is that this could be characteristic of the default empty state of the OS on boot, and is nothing to worry about. You might have just forgotten to push a release to the application yet, so the device will know which contains to download, etc. If you push a release, you’ll start to see the supervisor outputting logs related to getting the container images and running them.

Thanks. Yep that makes sense. Images are downloading now, but now I’m experiencing this issue: Getting repeated Failed to download image updating device after pushing balenaSound to application - will try to modify the docker file as described.

Hey there

Were you able to get this going? Can you please provide some logs reporting the failed downloads?

We have some users running balenaSense on the pi0 and this should be working ok. so i’m trying to understand if this is a new issue.

thanks for providing some feedback

i see you got it working here IAQ reading = 0. so wondering if you made any changes