Balena Project Issues That Your Developers cannot Resolve.

I thought Balena is a well developed and easy to install OS to use on the Raspi but it does not seem like it. Many issues that the developers cannot seem to resolve such as Bluetooth connectivity with Android devices, Why bring out these OS if you know they are not well tested and stable???
The issue with Balena Sound not connecting to Android devices via Bluetooth is ongoing for years. Please do not put out something on the market that does not work 100%

Hi there,

I understand your frustrations with bluetooth support. Unfortunately, bluetooth can be tricky due to the variety of receivers on the market, along with the hardware vendor’s compliance (or lack thereof) to the bluetooth specification, and the complexity of the software stack supporting these receivers. We do test and use this functionality, but we can’t test every available combination. Additionally, bluetooth works on the 2.4 GHz band, which is extremely crowded and noisy, and range is limited due to this. This is compounded by the fact that many bluetooth receivers are found in mobile devices with small form factor antennas.

What device type have you tried with balenaOS and balenaSound? Does the bluetooth receiver work under another OS, such as Raspbian? What Android device are you using to connect to the balena device?

Hi, as I mentioned in all my Post that my Raspi4B with Rasbian OS works perfectly with all my bluetooth devices phones, tablets etc. When I load my Raspi4 with the Balena Sound OS it will connect to my devices for the first time only then when I restart my android device and try to reconnect to balena sound bluetooth it just won’t re-connect again. This happens with all my devices.(Samsung android phones, tablets etc) So the issue is with Balena bluetooth connection software.

There are lots of users complaining of the same problem so It is not something new. Why can the developers not resolve this cause it is a great product if it just works like it should.