Balena OS version for Jetson Nano running JetPack 4.5.1, L4T 32.5.1


I want to run Balena on a Jetson Nano Dev Kit 2GB SD version running L4T v 32.5.1 and JetPack 4.5.1.

I cant seem to find a list of which Balena version corresponds to which L4T version past 32.4.2.

How to use Nvidia Jetson devices on balena

Do you know which Balena version I should use or is there documentation I can reference for this?

Can I flash this device via SD card, or can I flash it via USB?
I have Jetpack 4.5.1 flashed and tested via SD card, which install L4T 32.5.1


Hi Andy, the most recent version of balenaOS for Jetson devices, 2.82.11, does actually correspond to Jetpack 4.5.1, so you should be fine. Good catch on the Docs, we’ll have to get that updated. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thanks for clarification

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Hi @dtischler,
I can confrim this version works well on Jetson Nano.

Can you confirm that this version (2.82.11) is also compatible with the Jetson Xavier NX?
If not, do you have projected timeline?

Also if you have a timeline on when this flash can be made via SD card?


Hi @ea_andy yes, the NX is also currently at version 2.82.11, thus contains the same JetPack (4.5.1):

As for the timeline, I think what you might be referring to is a rather peculiar situation where devices get their QSPI firmware updated when a user flashes and uses a “regular” Nvidia JetPack 4.6 SD Card, but then later on decides to try out balena. In that particular situation, the Nvidia JetPack 4.6 creates an incompatible boot scenario for balena, and the board has to be attached via USB to a Linux computer, and the Nvidia SDK Manager software must be used to re-flash it back to a 4.4 or 4.5 firmware. Once complete, you can just pop in the balena (4.5) SD Card, and it will boot right up.

We are currently working on just supporting 4.6 natively, in order to avoid the hassle of reverting the firmware for folks that have booted and played around with Nvidia 4.6. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific ETA for you though.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that I just recently purchased a new Nano, and it came from the factory with 4.5 on the firmware. I wrote my balena SD Card and it booted right up, straight out of the box. So, if you happen to NOT have used Nvidia 4.6, you might be just fine on a new Nano, ha. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the detail.

In my case, i flashed the Jetson Nano with JP4.5.1, upgrading it from 4.4.

When I then wrote the newest Balena version to SD and tried to boot, the jetson nano failed. I got around this by using the jetson flash repo and flashing the Balena OS via USB while in forced recovery mode.

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