Balena Install on HP T510 ThinClient (x86) Fails

USB Boot Installer running fine until “Failed to start Resin init flasher service.” “See ‘systemctl status resin-init-flasher.service’ for details.” I was following the recommendation to add app/device as Intel NUC (v2.31.2+rev1). Hardware is technically “VIA Eden X2 U4200 (1 GHz, 2 cores)” but HP states it is fully x86 compatible. Should this work? Recommendations?

Can you paste the output of journalctl --no-pager -u resin-init-flasher ?

Sorry, I get the following error…

…and then it just sits there retrying indefinitely. If I end the process and try to reboot it without the USB media, it states there is no installed OS on the device.

I assume you are using a production image? Can you use a development image? That one will allow you to login and check the service status as I said above

Okay, I downloaded, flashed to usb, and attempted to boot with a dev image. I can log in and run the command you requested but I’m not really sure how to get you the output. Recommendations?

You can save the command’s output to a file on the USB filesystem for example. And then power off, plug the USB thumb drive in your computer and upload from there.