Balena Etcher Flashing Error

I am trying to flash balenaOS for RPI5 in a SD Card using Balena Etcher but it is failing continuously. This is the error I am getting in Balena Etcher. How can I resolve it.

Hey @mani13jha, have you tried unzipping the downloaded image file first?

Agreed that this error is less than helpful, but I believe Etcher requires the .img to be extracted.

@klutchell Yes, I tried doing that but it gives the same error. I tried doing this in both Windows and Ubuntu but no luck. In Windows balenaEtcher freezes.

I was getting the same error in Windows 10. I ended up running it as administrator and it worked without errors.

Same problem. Because Appimage can not run as superuser, I wait for a solution.

@Julio1 You can try using rufus for Windows to flash balena image in sd card