Balena Error While Running Jupyter Notebook

Hi. I have this strange error. Whenever I try to run Jupyter-notebook (python) via terminal or anaconda navigator, balenaetcher’s flash pops up throwing an error. Screenshot is attached for reference. I can run the notebook by copy and pasting the links generated in the terminal but it does not do so automatically. I am using Fedora 37. Please advise.

I encountered the same error a few days ago - the solution was to change the default app for the Jupyter Runtime.

When starting Jupyter Notebook, you’ll get output similar to:

    To access the notebook, open this file in a browser:
    Or copy and paste one of these URLs:
Opening in existing browser session.

Jupyter Notebook tries to “open” the first link you see, which in this case is the file:/// URL. However, that file is configured to open with balenaEtcher.

My solution was to manually visit the folder that contains the file (/home/username/.local/share/jupyter/runtime/) in a file explorer and change the default app. This could be using “Open with” and checking the default box for your web browser, or editing it in file properties.

Now, when restarting the Jupyter Notebook, the automatic open will use the web browser you configured instead of balenaEtcher.

Hope this helps!