can't access USB after using balenaEtcher

I tried many time to create macOs bootable USB by balenaEtcher, I didn’t get any error, but after that I can’t access USB to change the letter of drive to use it in exploret++ .
How can I fix this?

Hi there @sermedov and welcome to the forums. It sounds like a case that you’ve flashed the drive with something that isn’t readable by Windows; a common occurrence! If this is indeed the case, take a look at this blog post which has a lot of information about restoring it: Etcher broke my USB stick … or did it?

Just a thought from someone who does not have any Apple (nor Microsoft) products - is the USB still inaccessible after a reboot? If yes, then to me it suggests that Balena Etcher is not to blame, but merely triggers (because of its interaction with the hardware) the condition in the hardware of the computer to lock you out.


Thanks for response
balena is devide my USB to two partition
first contain efi but not shown and dont have drive letter
second one is full and conatin macOs and have drive letter but not acceble
I want to access to first one to change EFI folder