Balena Dashboard showing wrong time

I have a balena beacon tracking software running on my raspberry pi 4. I have a time issue where by the update time every 30 seconds when scanning the beacon tag on my balena cloud dash board is approx 2 hours behind the real time on my laptop. Also sometimes the 30 second count down hangs up. The p…

Regarding the 2 hours difference: did you configure the timezones correctly?
Note there’s also a toggle in the dashboard that says whether you want to view things in UTC.

@firdoshdiakus did you check the results of date on your hostOS? You can read more information here Time management - Balena Documentation

On the other hand, could you please confirm if this is duplicated? Balena Cloud Dashboard - #3 by firdoshdiakus

I have utc off and also created a variable called TZ Africa/Johannesburg but still no change. The time for dashboard in command line tool also shows utc time and its 2 hours behind