ARM64 .deb succefully built

I had built successfully the deb file for ARM64.
I built for Debian Buster, but the source code was made for a gnome environment.
That’s mean need be installed with the option dpkg --force-all -i.
If the developer would it, send me a e-mail or a link please.


Hello I am not sure I understand what you need. Can you elaborate a bit more on what issue are you facing. What link are you referring to?

Thank you for reply mbalamat,
I had built and tested the deb file for ARM64.
I like to share it. How can I do it?

If you mean that you 'd like us to host the deb file you built, I am afraid that’s not possible because in general we don’t host files built by outside contributors.

Thank you anyway.
We will get in touch at github.