App stuck in loop

Running into a strange error that I haven’t before. My app is stuck on a “loop”. If I revert back to my previous commit, everything is okay and I have my stable app again. but now, even if I commit just a space in a readme file, the app starts looping again.

By looping I mean it gets stuck on the last step of my Dockerfile (CMD ["/usr/src/app/"]) and keeps doing it over and over again.

Any ideas?


Could you please grant us access to your device and provide the device’s dashboard URL so we can have a look into it?

Sure, done.


is there any special case that your script is based on and can trigger multiple executions?
I don’t see anything weird there, besides that wlan1 link is not ready. Does this mean anything to you?

The wlan1 bit is expected.

I can’t think of anything that would cause it to loop. It’s strange because it happens after any push. The app will be stable and even just pushing a change to a readme file will cause it to start looping.

What seems odd here is that if you push your previous commit then the app works fine. That’s why I’m asking if there is any chance you are pushing more changes that could affect your application’s behavior.

Unfortunately not. I did a diff of commits and ensured that I only added a space to the readme file.

When I reset the changes and force push, everything is A-okay.

So, currently you have pushed your previous commit and the application runs fine?

Have you enabled deltas? Perhaps it’s a good idea if you send such small differences and there’s no need to download a whole new layer for your application (this is just a side note).

In the meantime I’m not sure how I can debug this to your device, because there is one commit that your application runs fine and another that causes your application to run repeatedly.

In the meantime, if you currently are in a state where your application runs okay (i.e. you have force-pushed the previous commit), can you enable deltas and then make another push and see if the application start again to behave like being in a loop?

So I had deltas enabled when the problem initially arose, I turned them off to see if maybe that was the problem.

I’l trying turning it back on and seeing if it makes a difference

Let’s try that and see.
It’s interesting that this issue arose when deltas was enabled - although it could be a coincidence.


Will report back a bit later today if you’re still online. Thank you for your assistance so far :slight_smile:

no problem. Actually I won’t be online but perhaps another resin engineer will be.

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I tried enabling deltas and pushing. Same thing is happening unfortunately.

I’ve extended the access time if anyone wants to take a look


I’ll take another look. Is it ok if I may need to restart the device?

Yes that’s fine :slight_smile:

This is very weird because I don’t see anything unusual with your device.
Interestingly, I see that there is another device online of yours in the same application, correct? And as far as I understand, it runs the same version (same commit hash) of your application. Does the device behave differently?

You are correct. The other device is configured exactly you the same way and exhibits the same behaviour.

this makes me wonder if there’s something going on with your application as I really don’t see anything strange on the device. Perhaps you can send us your Dockerfile just to take a look?

Sure, I’ll message it to you

just a heads up that I don’t see anything weird in the Dockerfile. Have to ask the team for more ideas on this