Application running twice

I recently moved a device from one application (AppA) to another (AppB), and deployed an update to AppB.

AppA was and still is at release 0edbba5. AppB was running a different application, but was forced to deploy a new version, and is now at release 11b036f.

It looks like both applications are running on the single device.

Also, looking at the processing running on the host, the file is currently running twice as well.

Any ideas? Its causing issues with accessing the camera because one container is getting the access, and the other is failing.

Hi. What is the device type and what is the OS version it is running?

It’s a raspberry pi 3 running balenaOS 2.24.0+rev1. Also, I granted support access to the device - it’s device deac5955db96bd9631d7c2833d21ab4b AKA spring-field

Ok. This release has this known issue. We urge you to update to 2.26.0+rev1 to fix this. You can do the OS update from the dashboard.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Ok- we have several device deployed running Resin OS 2.12.7+rev1, 2.13.6+rev1, and 2.15.1+rev2. Are there any known issues upgrading those to Balena OS 2.26.0+rev1 as well?

I can’t remember something specific for 2.12.7+rev1 and 2.13.6+rev1 but it looks that at that point we updated these to "+rev2"s. So in my opinion I would update these too.
In general, my approach would be to update to latets versions, we have various bugfixes and security enhancements in newer OSes.
You can see the list of changes here: