Applications running twice after release update

I pushed an updated release to my device as I’m trying to modify the project to make my own database and dashboards, with the intention of adding node-red to receive and route data.

When I pushed an update the containers restarted and it appears the applications are running twice:

I’m on balenaOS 2.65.0+rev1 running on a RPi4

I read an older post with a similar issue, and their solution was to update the OS.

When I attempt to update the OS it appears that I have the most recent version:

Is this a known issue?


Hi there, I don’t think it is a known issue, it definitely looks strange. Is the application running as expected and the error is only in the UI, or the application is not working as expected as well?


As I was trying to modify the project I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t working due to this error, or due to my setup being wrong.

To check, I’ve now pushed the balena-sense project and as far as I can see it is working okay despite the UI error still being there. So it may just be in the UI. Is there any way I can check if the container is actually running twice?

I’ve granted support access:
UUID 755f5bca3205659f0ef6f6174f43a513


You could ssh into the host OS and type balena container ls to see the running containers.

It appears that only one version of the containers is running. Very strange…

It all seems to be working fine despite the UI error, so I’ll continue trying to modify the project for my IoT dashboard.

Thanks for the help,

You’re welcome. Do let us know if the UI does not revert to a normal display.

I’ve been noticing a similar display bug recently with another project. See below:

Not sure what is causing it as I noticed it on both a RPi4 and a Pi Zero after pushing an update.

Hello Gregor

Can you confirm that the containers are actually only running once using balena container ls again?



Hi Mark,

The containers are only running once. Everything appears to be running correctly so appears to be a graphical error.

It is not causing any issues, but I thought it would be best to share the screenshot. So far I have noticed it on RPi4 and RPi Zero, I have yet to update my RPi3B+ but will let you know if it happens on that.


Hello Gregor

Thanks for checking. I’ll raise the issue with my colleagues and see whether any of our UI developers have any comments.



Hi Gregor

Just an update: We have encountered this error elsewhere as well, and we have opened an issue in our private ui repository to investigate and fix this. We suspect that the device has more than one image still present, and incorrectly shows more than one as running. Thus it looks like, after a device has settled on the new release, it still has some other images with status “Downloaded” that should be filtered.

Kind regards

No worries, if there’s anything I can do to help let me know.


Hi Gregor,

We just deployed a new version of the balena dashboard that’s fixing this issue.

Thanks again for reporting it and helping us debug.