How to run multiple projects on same device?

I am ignorant of Dockers and virtualization, so this question might be silly. I have a single RPi. I got to run a Pi-hole project based on BalenaOS on it. Now, I want to run another BalenaCloud application or project alongside on the same device. However, all the tutorials for projects spins up a new image to be flashed per application. Does it mean I can only run one application on a device? If not, how can I run two or more stuff on the same device?

Update: I did read the Multiple Containers doc page. Unfortunately I do not understand it at all.

Hi @mabhijithn,

You can find some binaries to play with here :

You can begin with simple applications as Radarr or Jackett to begin :wink:

I found the guide on the Balena blog itself addressing the exact two projects I wanted to run simultaneously!

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Yeah, that should be good info for your use case.
Let us know how that guide works for you!

It worked perfectly. Great guide… I was able to add another project (a google assistant) alongside it too.