App logs too short for debugging

I am running a Twitter streaming API on my Raspberry as a testing project. It worked for several days properly and as expected. Yesterday it stopped working and I wondered what can be the issue.
I cannot see any info in my logs, since I was not logged-in to my account for the past few days.

How long the logs can be seen in the dashboard? How could I see a longer logs, let say the last week? Is that possible?

If I have a Python script running on the IoT device and once stop working, how can I decide where to debug the issue? With other words, how can I define if the issue is within platform or the device’s script?

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We currently store and show the last 24 hours of logs on the dashboard, if you need longer than that it may be better to use an external logging service, e.g. papertrail or pubnub.

I see, thanks for your prompt feedback.

Slightly longer log history, maybe even 96 hours would be really helpful for debugging devices in hard to access locations. Something happened over the weekend that caused Resin to lose connection to my RPI, but I have no way of knowing what happened now.