Download your logs

New feature just released in the dashboard - now you can download your device logs, through the Download Logs button just above the logs tab in the device summary page:

The logs are currently retained for 4 hours, but we are looking into increasing the retention period for better usability.


Really nice feature!

It would be really great if we can do it from an API… so we can pull the logs from our server and run some log analysis on it.

For example, we work with some usb readers that often fails, and the driver restarts it automatically. If we could collect the logs and parse them on our end, we would be able to know how often the usb devices fail…

Not exactly the same, but maybe the SDK would work for you for this monitoring? resin.logs (Node.js) or logs (Python). That would be doable to integrate into a server, I guess?

There’s also support in the resin-cli to get the logs, if want to just script things.

The SDK option should work! but we would need to dedicate a 24/7 instance to do it.

We haven’t had much time to get into the SDK yet, it looks really nice!

Thanks for the new features!