Balena Hub displaying architectures that won't work on devices?

When using the RPI images on the Balena Hub, and clicking Get Started, it offers a whole bunch of options for different devices. I deployed the software to that app as an ‘rpi’ image (armv6fh). My understanding is that the deployment won’t work on the Raspberry pi 4 or many of the others listed there?

Hey @Maggie those devices are showing as they have backward-compatible architectures with the one that the app was built for. I would expect the application to work fine for those devices, all other things being well.

I had no idea they were backwards compatible. Especially a 64Bit raspberry pi 3 os on a 32bit device. That’s good to know, thanks.

Presumably it is recommended to use the devices actual architecture?

Think of it more as the OS image you’re downloading will be for the correct device, but that the application it’s running is for the rpi, so in that case it’s not that it’s a 64-bit Pi 3 OS running on a 32-bit device, it’s a 64-bit Pi 3 OS running a 32-bit image, if that helps to clarify?

I think unless you’re doing anything that requires or can take advantage of the ‘greater’ architecture, you’re not losing anything by running it in this way.

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