Adjusting Permissions

Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect my hard drive ssd to etcher instead of a usb. When i click the settings button it does not show an option where I can turn off safety features to allow for it to connect to my ssd. What can I do to connect these two?

Hi @Lulung

Some devices are locked to be used with etcher to avoid issues in your own system. These are some of the cases where devices are blocked:

  • If the image to be flashed is stored in the same drive you’re trying to use as target.
  • If the target device is in read-only mode.

So if you’re trying to flash de drive where your own OS is running from, that could cause your system to crash. That’s the reason why etcher prevents that option.

When you try to select the drive, do you get a warning or is etcher preventing you from selecting the drive altogether? If it’s the latter, then you’re likely in one of the two scenarios I mentioned above.