How do i select my main hard drive as a target in etcher? It shows as system drive and source drive if that helps.

I cant click it nothing happens and it has a warning sign next to it.

Hi @syt,
We stopped allowing users to select their primary drive as a target due to some users doing this by accident. We did used to have a toggle that allowed you to manually make this possible though, and we are discussing internally whether we should bring that option back. Can you share more about your use-case so we can make an informed decision about this going forward?

The use case is. Instasl Ubuntu on USB Drive. Load OS from USB drive. Try to install HomeAssistant OS onto main drive. Etcher won’t allow me to write to the SSD ATA drive in the NUC.

The usecase seems valid

Looking at the home assistant documentation they advise to use DD for that step, and that’s what I was going to propose as well : Installing Home Assistant OS onto an Intel NUC or other PC — Home Automation Guy

In general I would avoid using dd as a mistake are easy and can be dramatic (erasing your system drive), but in your case that’s what you want to do :slight_smile:

Hi, I just wanted to follow up and see if you were able to follow the home assistant documentation to achieve writing to main drive?