Does not see the SSD Disk in the program can not load.

Does not see the SSD Disk in the program can not load. help me Please.


Can you elaborate a bit on what you are trying to do? Please mention what you have connected to your device, what you intend to flash on that device, and the OS and Etcher version that you are using.

I want to download Hive OC to my 120 GB ssd drive. balenaetcher does not see it in its program, it only sees the system ssd disk of the m2 format. I’m using Win10pro at the moment.

Got it

Is the 120 GB drive visible to you in your File Explorer?


That is strange indeed

Can you share a screenshot of how it looks in your etcher Select target menu?

Here is the link to the screenshot. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hello @suseka77,
How is this ssd connected to the computer ?

Connected via a Sata3 cable and powered by Sata too.

@Suseka77 could you please open the developer tools (CTRL+SHIFT+i), type the following in the console:

require('./modules/drivelist/build/Release/drivelist.node').list((error, drives) => console.log(JSON.stringify(drives, null, 4)))

And paste the output here ?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet That’s what you asked for.

On the screenshot, I see that drivelist detects 3 drives:

  • 931GB D: (RAID)
  • 232GB C:
  • 465GB E: (RAID)

You don’t see D: and E: in Etcher as it doesn’t list RAID drives.
I see no 120GB drive here.

What do you see in Disk Management ?
I guess it’s called “Управление дисками” in Russian.

Because I disconnected the 120 gb disk that was previously connected. I’ll do it later, then I’ll send you a new one.