Add a Raspberry PI 3 device running Debian Jessie to resin?

I have an existing Rails App running on Debian Jessie, on a Raspberry PI 3 MODEL B machine.
I want to add this device to my account in Resin and to use all the great features it offers.
I considered the offical documentation ( that indicates that I have to download resinOS, burn it in my SD card etc, but this would not be the best solution for me. There are many configurations related to my Rails App that I don’t want to lose them or to set them up from the beginning.
Instead I would like to be able to add my device, without losing these configurations and/or other potential user data in my current OS.
I also know that it is possible to update an existing resinOS to a newer one, but this is not my case since my current OS is Debian Jessie.

Is there anyway to add my device, considering the restrictions I mentioned above?

Hi @dbeqiraj currently your device needs to be running resinOS to be associated with your account. Can you package your application in a Docker container and run it on top of resinOS?

Hi @alisondavis17 Actually, I haven’t try it yet since I was interested to keep using my Debian Jessie OS.
So, can you confirm that there is no way to associate my device with if that device is running an OS different from resinOS?

Correct, as of today you need to be running resinOS to associate your device with