Pushing updated images to devices locally



tldr: I want to push a new docker image to a customer’s device (RPi3) using their own computer if the resin device is only connected on a LAN.

We’re building out a fleet of devices that are paired with a desktop application that runs on the user’s laptop. Ideally, the resin devices will be connected to the internet, but many of them will only be connected to a customer’s local network. The user’s update the desktop app over the internet (obviously) and I’m trying to figure out how we can still update the resin device by packaging the new device image along with the larger desktop application update and then update the resin device with this image when the customer connects their laptop to the RPi3.


Hi @jared
You may be able to leverage resin local push to update the LAN accessible device.
The CLI documentation can be found here https://github.com/resin-io/resin-cli/blob/master/doc/cli.markdown#local-push-deviceip
A more in depth look at device local mode can be found here https://docs.resin.io/development/local-mode/

I’ll ask our device engineers if there are any other “off the shelf” methods for building this functionality.