Access to git repository using HTTPS




We’re interested in your IOT platform, but our corporate proxy won’t allow us to reach through SSH, so will it be available through HTTPS like all other git repositories services (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, …) ?

An alternative would be to allow the use of an external git repo.

Tristan ROBET


Hi @Tristan107 yes, https endpoint for the repo is on our roadmap / being worked on. From the external repo side, we are looking into arrangements like integrating with Github closer (ie. pushing to Github will deploy on the fleet). That might be one solution.

For context, so we can provide better solutions for the future, where do you keep the code that you want to deploy? Just on your local machines, have a github/gitlab/bitbucket repo, or something else?


Ok, nice ! Would you have an approximate date on the https endpoint arrival ?

We keep our code on various place, depending on project requirements, but our constraint is we can’t do ssh from internal network to the internet.


Got it.
Sorry, no ETA on that feature yet, but will keep you posted!