Add Resin git repo url via https and not ssh

I’m stuck with out corporate network blocking outgoing calls on port 22.

I have now tried all known options to me to add the resin remote repo to the local repo so I can push that, but no success yet.
This is the url I’m adding, but keep getting timeouts.

$ git remote add resin

This is the original url that the console wants me to add (using ssh and keys):

$ git remote add resin

Any help appreciated!

Hi @kappaj! Currently, resin doesn’t support http/https protocols for git. Maybe using a jumper host, or requesting outgoing access for port 22 from your network administrator would be the best way forward.

Thank you - not what I needed to hear, but at least that explains why it is not working.


Another workaround for pushing apps via https would be resin push via resin cli. More info on this can be found here

That works a charm - thank you!!
Life is good again.