Resin directly pull github repo

Many of my users get stuck on the step where they have to clone my Github repo, add resin as 'n remote, and then push the repo to resin. It is also even more complicated by the SSH key exchange. The user do not have to change anything in the code base before pushing it to resin, so cloning to their own computer is unneccesary.

It would be much easier if resin allowed one to specify the URL for a git repo that will be cloned and used when you create a new application. Then by the click of a button one can use a github repo, and another click will git pull to update the clone at resin.

So this is a feature request: specify an upstream repo to clone when creating an application.

Hi @jpmeijers,

Thank you for reaching out. Simplifying the application push workflow is something that we certainly have in mind, for the reasons you mention. I have logged your request in our internal feature tracker and we’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates on its status.

Best, Kostas

Do you perhaps have any updates on this? I again run into people hitting a wall with Resin as they can’t figure out the key exchange.

A simple temporary solution would be to allow password authentication for pushing via Git to you.

I was then also wondering if it will be possible to rather choose a dockerhub image, rather than choosing a repo to compile. Just use the precompiled image.