Is a self-hosted currently feasible

I know this has been asked before and blogged about. (I would post links, but that’s restricted on this forum).

We would like to use for demonstration in a private network. There is currently zero access to the public internet, so even a proxy doesn’t help.

Have the open source efforts progressed far enough that this is a feasible solution in the next 1.5 months?

Given that it is a demonstration, we can live with single user, no VPN and no deltas. We would also be willing to participate in a private beta, if one exists.


Hi @garretfick ,

This is something we’ve done some work on internally already, so it might be possible that we could arrange something like this. Do you mind sending me a PM or an email at with a bit more information? I’d love to chat about your use case specifically and see if there’s something we can come up with to help you out here!

Thanks mccollam. I have sent an email to Ronald and will also send you a PM here as we have a need to move quickly.

I apparently don’t have permission to send PMs to you. Since I now know you are one in the same, you should have already received an email from me.