A crypto-currency miner running on single-board computers

Hi folks,

Over a weekend I added a Monero crypto-currency miner project to balenaHub. Unlike other cryptos like bitcoins and ethereum where you can only mine with heavy duty GPUs and dedicated ASICs rigs, Monero on the other hand encourages mining on CPUs to even a small single board computer like raspberry pi can joining mining pool and earn rewards. I am not sure if it’s profitable or not but it’s definitely fun seeing the logs of bunch of CPUs getting together solving a complex hash, so do check that out and share your feedbacks

Monero-Miner for Single board computers like Raspberry Pi, powered by balena


Support Monero blockchain, validating the transactions by lending your compute power from SBCs like a Raspberry Pi and earn XMRs (cryptocurrency of Monero blockchain) in return.

Hardware required

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 (the more RAM it has the better) – currently tested to work
  • 16GB Micro-SD Card (recommended Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards)
  • Power supply for the Pi

Software required

  • Monero Wallet to receive the XMR rewards, download from here

Deploy a fleet

You can deploy this app to a new balenaCloud fleet in one click using the button below:

deploy button

Or, you can create a fleet in your balenaCloud dashboard, clone this repo and balena push this code to it, the traditional way.

Configuring the miner

The following Device Configuration variables are required, these can be set at balenaCloud dashboard :

Name Value
WALLET_ADDRESS Change this to your monero wallet address which you install and set
MINER_POOL (Optional) Change this to the mining pool you want to join, default is: xmr.2miners.com:2222