Introducing Project Fin: a board for fleet owners

Today is an incredibly exciting day for the balena team, one we’ve been working towards for a while: we’re announcing balena’s first entry into hardware.

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After a long hiatus I checked once again. (been waiting all this time for the Fin and the Pi CM to become available again)

…only to find you abandoned the project altogether :cry: Sorry to find you saw no other option.

Is there a write-up anywhere that discusses the reasons behind this move a bit more in depth than the one sentence on this page?

Also, I am wondering if you have recommendations for “industrial” SBCs with eMMC (the Pi’s single biggest weakness).

Yes here’s the blog post : balenaFin has reached end of life

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Thanks Edwin.

Looks like to find alternatives I need to find the cross-section between All SBC with onboard eMMC Memory and Single-board computers - Balena Documentation (as the later contains no hardware information).

Note to self, shortlist:

  • BeagleBone Black
  • BeagleBone Green
  • Nanopi Neo Air
  • Orange Pi Plus 2
  • ROCK Pi 4B
  • Seeed ODYSSEY-X86J41058xx