30gb Flash Drive not detecting after Flashing it with Etcher

I flashed my 30gb drive with balenaEtcher-Portable-1.7.7 and then after it is not detecting anywhere. I have tried diskpart in CMD but the pen drive is not listed their. I read that it might be readable in Linux but I dont have access to Linux system. Please help how can I make the pendrive usable again.

You could try to see if it shows up in windows disk management and try to reformat it from there.
If this does not help, there is always the possibility to boot from a live cd like Gparted Live ( GParted Live on USB ) to get a Linux running temporarily to fix the issue.

hi mak, this blogpost may be useful to check if you can access your disk

Hello, just adding the link to the blog post referenced above since it may not have come through: Etcher broke my USB stick … or did it? It sounds like you have tried diskpart already but it may be worth closely following the steps outlined in the post just to be sure.