Xavier NX L4T R35


I would like to utilise some CUDA functionalities on my Jetson Xavier NX, while running on Ubuntu 20 or 22. It looks like there is currently no L4T r35 available for balena images running on Ubuntu 20/22. Could you please tell me the plans for the (near) future, and a possible timeline?
And of course, thanks for making and maintaining this amazing product!

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Also still waiting for this.


Hi, for now we only support L4T 35.1 for the Jetson AGX Orin.

A couple days ago Nvidia released L4T 32.7.3 for the TX2, TX2 NX, Xavier, Xavier NX and Nano line-up and once that is available our yocto upstream - meta-tegra - the plan right now is to integrate and release this version for all devices supported.

After that we can have a look into integrating L4T 35.1 or newer for the Xavier and Xavier NX boards. However, this is not straight forward and will need to be investigated thoroughly on our side because the L4T jump from 32.x to 35.x involves a switch from cboot to UEFI as well as a partition layout change, and both are breaking changes for balena.

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Thanks @acostach !

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Could we get an update on the current state of things? Will we see an Orin NX or Xavier NX with l4t R35 soon?

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Hi @kamiforever, I started looking into the Orin NX but had to switch to other things so I do not have an update yet and also cannot provide a timeline for when I can go back to looking into the Orin NX. I’ll let you know here when I have updates.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Thank you for the quick reply and update. I would like to mention that even a non-backwards compatible Orin NX image would already be great for us. We currently have no Orins in the field, so backwards compatibility is of no concern for us.

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No pressure but Jetpack 6, for ubuntu 22.04 will be out in Q3 this year. Jetson Software Roadmap for 2023 - Announcements - NVIDIA Developer Forums

So in a couple of months balena’s jetson support might be outdated by 2 major versions… I have to urge you to realize that ubuntu 18.04 support from the robotics side is getting old and outdated and we are currently already having to support compatibility issues since we deploy containers on ubuntu 22 and on ubuntu 18 for cuda related calculations… we will consider alternatives to balena if we cannot have something for our future ORIN NX based fleet.