Support for L4T 32.7.2

Do you have an ETA on providing support for an L4T 32.7.2 based image on Nvidia Jetson Xavier?

Hi Johnathan, which Xavier are you interested in, what is the name of the device-type or coffee file in the balena-jetson github repository? The devices in the github repository are currently updated to 32.7.1, and right now only the Nanos and the TX2 NX Devkit have 32.7.1 based images available in the cloud. Once all images are released on 32.7.1 we will update to 32.7.2.

Specifically the Nvidia Jetson Xavier AGX. Its on a CTI Rogue carrier board (we had previously got support from you on supporting this board). I think actually 32.7.1 should be fine since 32.7.2 only had a minor security update. So I ammend my original question to ETA for 32.7.1 support for Xavier AGX.
We had a custom coffee file that was on the following branch: - perhaps that was merged with on master?

Hi @jpk , the Rogue device type has been removed from the balena-jetson repository along other device types that did not receive the necessary updates needed for a dashboard release and were not maintained by their community maintainers for a longer period of time. If you wish to contribute this board as a community supported device type maintained by you, you can open a PR in the balena-jetson repository.