Write process ended unexpectedly for a dmg file

I am trying to burn a macOS Catalina dmg file to USB drive. Everything goes fine at the beginning. But got an ‘The write process ended unexpected’ error at the end of burning process. What’s going on? Any fix?

Hi @kellan4,
Could you please provide some extra information regarding:

  • The Etcher version you’re running.
  • The operating system you’re running Etcher in.
  • Relevant logging output, if any, from DevTools, which you can open by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Alt+I depending on your platform.



Etcher 1.5.45

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

DevTools shows a blank page and can not open it. it only shows a file path, which I could not open it as app.asar is not a folder.

Hello @kellan4

Etcher version 1.5.45 is almost two years old now. Please could you try upgrading to the latest version of Etcher (1.5.120) and then let us know if your problem still persists.


Hi @kellan4

Just checking whether you have perhaps tried upgrading to Etcher 1.5.120, and if the problem still persists?

Kind regards