WPE and Cyrillic on site


I’ve added WPE_URL with site on Cyrillic. But I don’t see any text with Cyrillic on Pi screen

Hello @vbondarev,

I am imagining that you are talking about the balenaDash project.

Without setting up any WPE_URL, does it open youtube on the screen? Or pointing it to google.com does it also work?

Thank you

Yes, all sites are working, but Cyrillic language isn’t displaying

Hello @vbondarev

I tested on my end and some websites with embedded fonts work (example http://кто.рф/) but for those with system fonts on it won’t work.

We are working on a solution on our end and we will get back at this once it is resolved.

Thank you

Hello @vbondarev

just to keep you up to date we have created an issue for this that you can use to monitor progress: