Etcher v1.5.45 repeatedly fails writing img file to 59.6 GB Samsung MicroSD Card in USB adapter

OS: Windows 7 Pro with latest updates.
Using iOGear microSD card to USB adapter.
This same hardware had worked without problems previously using a previous version of Etcher.

Error Message:
“The writer process ended unexpectedly. Please try again and contact the Etcher team if problem persists.”

The problem has repeated over 10 times, including after formatting the microSD card again using the MiniTool partition manager.


Hi @MAlvis,

Etcher team will look into this issue.


Hi and welcome to the forums!
Do you recall which version you were using that instead worked and if so could you try that version again and tell us the results?
Could you also paste here the logs you see in the devtools console? (ctrl + shift + i on windows)

Thank you for responding.

Today, I tried reformatting the microSD card using:
guiformat.exe ( and this time etcher worked and confirmed the image copy.