Windows 11 bootable usb not found/ not recognizd as a bootable usb in bios

Greetings, I was trying to install Windows 11 from ubuntu, and rufus didn’t work, so I used balena etcher, first thing I saw was missing partition table, I don’t know if it might be because of that, but I flashed the iso into an usb and balena etcher told me it was successful, I went to bios and first time it showed up the usb in the boot options, however when i booted in it I got an error telling me that I need to select a bootable usb and try again even tho I did select a bootable usb, after a few tries the usb dissapeared from the boot options, any ideas why? Thanks in advance!


Sorry you had these obstacles, here you can see our recommendations about writing win11 (i guess you crossed out rufus already).

We are working on extending etcher to add those extra steps a win11 image needs, but it is not available at the moment.