Wifi Connectivity Test Rig

Here’s a little resin.io project that we’ve used recently internally to automate debugging some wifi connectivity issues.

It consists of:

  • a smart plug that can be controlled remotely through an API
  • a wifi access point that is switched on/off with the smart plug
  • a master node resin device that does the testing and control
  • and a device to be tested (and see whether it reconnects properly after the access point was taken down and brought back up again)

The whole thing looks like this:

Since there’s a debug UART connection to the device under test, through the master’s web terminal it can be controlled even when it is not connected to the wifi. :wifi:

Optionally it can also have visual notifications (through the SenseHAT LED matrix) or remote notifications (through IFTTT), so it can just be left running, it will tell when there’s something to check out.

This definitely saved us a bunch of time and the model can be used for other automated testing in the future hopefully.