Resin-wifi-connect: ethernet vs wifi

I’ve a question regarding resin-wifi-connect.

Currently, our customers are plugging the devices using wired LAN. We want to support both, wired and wireless connections.
I don’t (yet) fully understand the behaviour of resin-wifi-connect and have the following questions:

  1. will it only be invoked when there is NO wired connection?
  2. will it store the credentials so it auto-connects after reboot?
  3. what if the WiFi Access Point password changes? Will it start the process from scratch?
  4. How can I add it to my Dockerfile? Shall I just put the example Dockerfile from resin-wifi-connect in my Dockerfile followed my original content? Will I have 2 CMD commands then?


Hi Fritz,

  1. The condition for running Wifi Connect is chosen by you:
  2. It will store credentials and it will reconnect after reboot.
  3. If the password changes, then if you have chosen the default condition for running wifi connect, the application will be launched again.
  4. You may clone the GitHub repo and push it to Resin to get started. Then you may modify your Dockerfile and place the lines that add wifi-connect. You should have only one CMD at the end. In your CMD you probably execute a shell script like the above. At the end of the example you may find the placeholder comment for adding your application execution code.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!


Hi Zahari,
I see. Thanks. All clear for now!