When is 2.47.1 going to be released?

I think we just got bitten by https://github.com/balena-os/meta-balena/issues/1837 which is fixed in 2.47.1. We could not log into one of our devices and every command provided an Input/Output error. Rebooting fixed it.

root@xx:~# ping
bash: /bin/ping: Input/output error
root@xx:~# tail /var/log/messages
bash: /usr/bin/tail: Input/output error
root@xx:~# journalctl
Failed to execute 'less', using next fallback pager: Input/output error
Failed to execute 'more', using next fallback pager: Input/output error

Hello, I don’t think we have a set date yet but I have contacted the devices team to get an estimate. I’ll let you know once they reply. Cheers.

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I think I’ve asked that before. Is there a way to get notified for new BalenaOS releases? Some twitter feed, … Right now I am selecting a device to attempt an update to see which versions are available. Is there a better way?

Currently there is no way of automatically doing that, we are working on it but don’t know when it will be done since it is part of a bigger change internal change. I went ahead and created an internal issue to track this for you though, once 2.47.1 is released it should pop back up and we’ll notify you on this thread.

Hi Tomas,

I guess it is available now.

Hi, what’s your device type? 2.47.1 has only been release for certain device types yet. What you show in screenshot is 2.47.0

You can see available balenaOS versions here: https://balena-io-playground.github.io/balenaosversions/

You’re right. I’m looking for intel-nuc.

@magiconair in addition to this we’re internally discussing ways in which we can allow you to receive notifications when updates to balenaOS are released for devices of interest to you, but don’t currently have a method by which you can do that. We still have the internal issue to let you know when 2.47.1 is released as well though.

Can’t you just hook this up to a Twitter account?

Might not be a good signal/noise ratio. I guess I’m interested in updates for my devices.

We’ve raised it internally to work out the best way to move forward, and we will keep your suggestions in mind, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, release 2.47.1+rev1 for the Intel NUC is now available.

Thank you. Just wanting to let you know that after upgrading from 2.45.1+rev2 to 2.47.1+rev1 we are seeing quite significant performance improvements with this. Anybody else seeing this as well?

hey there! Thanks for your feedback. That is indeed a very significant improvement. We don’t have any concrete benchmarks to share though :slight_smile:

Are you running the same application after the update? Are you able to reproduce this on other devices too and your applications are working fine?


Yes, this is the same application. I will check with other devices.


One more:

Thank you, is this from another device? I am not sure how to interpret this exactly, does the graph also show the update from 2.45 to 2.47?

I have one device which got stuck during the supervisor update when updating to 2.47.1. So now the OS is upgraded but the supervisor is not. How do I proceed? Is there a way to trigger the supervisor upgrade?