What's the version of Docker-compose in Balena?

Hi I’m building up my cloud on two raspberries with the latest balena os images, I’m unable to go through the build entirely so what Docker compose build tool do you provide as I’m pushing on to balena? Looks like v.2.1 :thinking: doesn’t it?

The balena device supervisor implements a subset of the Compose v2.1 feature set. You can find a full list of supported and known unsupported features in our device supervisor reference docs. Let me point you to our documentation page about this:

Hi @alanb128

There is a topic related to the above question.

I found “init” in this document.
However, it should be available only after version v2.2.

Does “init” work correctly?

It is based on v2.1 but we have a completely different implementation. init is something that is supported as per our docs. You shouldn’t have any issues with using it, but in case you do please let us know and we can take a look.

Hello , It looks like the 2.1 version , actually . It turns out that we’re able to build arm images from the BALENA os with Raspberries Pi, SSH in through balena CLI . But as mentioned in the documentation, there’s a cross platform build environment available from Dockerfile (docker build) in all balenalib base images :https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/base-images/base-images/#features-overview which I can run on myself , locally, to cross-build my raspberry pi’s base images. Thus we’re able to run with more recent version of docker-compose, which can lead to differences at the balena push time…

Cheers :beers: