We've got some stickers


Hey @devtinoco, actually we should have some new ones soon, will keep you posted! :slight_smile:


I NEEDZ stickers for my ugly laptops! How can I go about getting some?


I think we are printing them now, so your laptop won’t have to wait too long to be beautified! :smiley:


@imrehg @Pincoffin the stickers are getting delivered to our offices today! :slight_smile:


Stickers? SIGN ME UP! :partying_face:


The stickers I got last year were a real success in the conferences I gave talks.
I have several other talks scheduled this year where I will talk about Balena (amongst other things).
If I ever could get some more, I things the attendees will be delighted!
Thanks in advance.


Hey guys @gounthar, @edorgeville, @Pincoffin, @devtinoco, @freako987, @jonm, @hobz and everyone else.

We are ready to ship you a set of stickers, just send us an email to hello@balena.io with your full name and address and we will have them :airplane: to you!!

Please also follow us on instagram, twitter!


Thanks @dansku, done!




Thanks!! It is done


Hey everyone, once you guys receive the stickers, please post a picture here, we would love to see them :smiley: