We've got some stickers


Hey, we have some new Etcher & resin.io stickers :tada:, what do you think?

Let us know if you’d like to receive some! :envelope_with_arrow:


:love_letter: We’ve sent out a bunch of stickers, if you haven’t got one and you’d like, just let us know! :slight_smile:


I have one on my laptop and can confirm that they look awesome!


Hey man loving the etcher app. Can I get some stickers too?


:slight_smile: Sure thing, send me a private message here with your address, and we’ll get you sorted! :incoming_envelope:


I cant find how to do that. Could you help me please


Hey, sorry, you can send message by clicking on the profile picture of the person you’d like to connect to, and there will be a Message button. :radio_button:
To make it simpler, I’ve sent you a message. Cheers!


Hello. Do you still have stickers available?


Yes, sure. Will PM you.


I’m probably really late, but do you by any chance still have stickers?


@acvigue It’s rarely too late for stickers I believe :slight_smile:
Shoot me a PM and we’ll sort it out!


I cannot, for my life, figure out how to send a PM. Could you send me one first?


Sent PM. :+1:


Want! Are these still available? I’m sending a speculative PM just in case they are…


stickers! do you still have any left? i’d like some!


Do you have any left? I’d really like to get some.


They look awesome! I work more and more with Etcher and use your ARM images.
I would love to get a few sticker to show others which way to go (ARM power!). :grinning:


I would love some stickers but I can’t seem to PM you! My account is new so maybe that’s why… PM me please!

Etcher v1.4.4 release

Hey everyone! Yeah, we still have stickers, will PM you and get some on your way :slight_smile:


Hey! Do you have any left?