More progress on EtcherPro

Back in December we posted all the latest information about EtcherPro on our blog:

Since then, things have been progressing well and so I’ve some photos of the latest photos of the case prototype to share with you.

This third image shows how multiple EtcherPro units will be able to slot together, enabling daisy-chaining and simultaneous write of more than the 16 cards offered by a single standalone unit.

If there are any questions post them here and we’ll answer them. I’ll keep this post up to date as we work through the prototyping and get ready for production.

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I’ve got a new render to share today:

Let us know if you have any comments or input!

I cannot wait for the new Etcher Pro to come out. Will there be Pre-Sales starting soon and will there be a need for testers of the model.


Hey @Lyrod we haven’t finalised the process we’re going to use to launch yet, but the best way to keep informed is to sign up to the mailing list if you haven’t done so already!

Here’s a little insight into the R&D process the housing has been through:

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Looking good! Any news about the progress with the devices or when a pre-order might be available?

@redecs, at the moment, we are wrapping up the development and moving on to production shortly. We aim to start shipping devices end of August. We are considering to open preorders sooner. Thanks for your interest.


Anymore updates? Still thinking August now?

@thegcon1, We are doing some pre-production testing and getting ready for certifying the device. We are not sure how long this process will take but we aim to start shipping on Aug or Sep. We will release a blog post with more updates soon. Thanks for your interest!

Any updates regarding pre-ordering/details/schedule? It’d improve our installation of devices so much :slight_smile:

Hi @bversluijs, thank you for your interest on EtcherPro. We just created a thread to post EtcherPro updates and reflect our progress. Hope that helps.

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Hi @konmouz,

Thanks for sharing and the update! The blog is awesome!

One question regarding the EtcherPro (I didn’t know where to ask it, because making a new thread seemed a little bit too much). Can the EtcherPro also flash Arduino’s via USB? We have a custom PCB, based on an Arduino, and would like to flash them with the EtcherPro when it’s available. Because else we have to find another solution for this, but it’d be awesome if we can flash all of our devices via the same routine/device.

Thanks in advance!

@bversluijs, unfortunately, Etcher doesn’t support Arduinos at the moment. We are not sure how easy such an implementation would be but we are going to have a look at it for future versions.

Hi @konmouz,

Thanks for your answer. If I recall correctly, Etcher and the software for the EtcherPro is going to be open source, correct? So if I want to create the option of flashing an Arduino, I can build that myself? Because I have some experience in flashing the Arduino using the command line, which can be applied to the EthcerPro.

I’ll have a look at that, if that isn’t on your roadmap, when the EtcherPro is going to be delivered!

Hi @bversluijs,

Etcher is an open source application that is currently available, so of course, you can run any experiments you like. EtcherPro is the hardware version that will run the official version of Etcher.