Javascript SDK in the browser


As @tim has mentioned, there’s the SDK is being reworked to be usable from the browser as well, not just from Node.js :wrench:

A beta release is out now :construction: , and you can give it a try with npm install resin-sdk@6.0.0-beta2 Here’s a link to the SDK docs as well, in case you want check out what it can do.

:trumpet: Let us know what do you think or show what you have made!


I hacked something together over the weekend. It’s frontend for @curcuz’s resin-cam. It allows you to login in via your resin account, select an app and view all the image streams served from the devices’ webURL.

It’s still a WIP so there are some caveats. It doesn’t allow 2fa enabled login, and currently, webURLs are painfully slow for an image feed so it’s nowhere near realtime. We hope to fix that soon.

Looking forward to polishing it up and maybe even adding some advanced features like historical viewing or image analysis + alerts but those are PRs for resin-cam :slight_smile:

Public-URL speed issues