Web frame install

I am trying to install the above according to the tutorial onto a Pi, but have a question with regard to “Downloading the latest code from GitHub”. I am unsure where to download it to. whilst I can do so to my PC not sure how this helps.
Mention is made of a project folder, should this be on the Pi and if so how do I download to this folder as I am using a factory build.
Any assistance much appreciated,

Hi @tomlid,

You have to download the code from GitHub onto your PC.
You’ll use the balena cli to push this code from your PC to your Pi in the following steps.


hey @tomlid, did you manage to make progress with the project? Or need any other specific help?


Problem solved thanks, just read the instructions a bit more carefully . Somedays blinded by the obvious.


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Not to worry about that, glad it works, and happy making! :smiley: