Dropbox pic frame



any help I appreciated it

I am trying to make a digital frame I got the code from git hub and tried to push it to the beaglebone and I get error


Hello, which Github project you’re trying to push? I don’t know what error code 100 is off the top of my head, but did re-pushing work?


@jpflash, I think the reason for that error is removal of wheezy and jessie from mirrors. Try migrating to balenalib images where this problem is fixed (see base-images#532).

Alternatively, there is a workaround. Add the following line before the first RUN apt-get in the Dockerfile:

RUN sed -i '/jessie-updates/{s/^/#/}' /etc/apt/sources.list

Also, could you share the link for the project you were trying? If it’s a balena project, we should update it to use the new images. Thanks!



I am trying to use this


Ok I changed it Uploaded and now it says

Failed to start service ‘main sha256:3d44aa034ff8ded838c4a9b1f034301fe7f7eaa48bc7c4eee950b08170af3f24’ due to '(HTTP code 400) unexpected - OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:296: starting container process caused “exec: “/opt/dropbox_uploader/dropbox_uploader.sh”: stat /opt/dropbox_uploader/dropbox_uploader.sh: no such file or directory”: unknown ’


Where do you see this error reported? Is this coming from the application code or from the builder? If possible can you post the full output with any useful context included.


Also, are you 100% sure that you’re trying to use https://github.com/fvdbosch/ConnectedFrame? Because it doesn’t contain /opt/dropbox_uploader/dropbox_uploader.sh or anything similar.