balenasound and inno-maker dac hat on pi zero w

I connected an inno-maker DAC hat to my raspberry pi zero w. I edited config.txt as the inno-maker manual described, and picked the BossDac default audio output device as instructed. So far so good. When I flashed balenasound onto the SD card it seems to have erased the raspberry os. But balenasound installed, and my pi zero w is showing up on my dashboard. I am able to connect my phone to it via bluetooth. But the sound only comes out over the HDMI port. I can’t find a way to persuade it to use the 3.5mm jack on the DAC hat. How can I set the default audio output device to the dac hat?

I did get it to work after all. The secret is to go to the device configuration tab on the left side of the dashboard and enter “allo-boss-dac-pcm512x-audio” under Define DT_overlays.

Glad to hear you got it working! Thanks for sharing your solution.